At The TaxBloom Group,
we can help your business bloom in more ways than one!

We help you lower your property’s proposed assessed value, which reduces your property taxes.

This decreases your total operating costs, making your property more competitively attractive in leasing space and at the same time increasing your property’s market value.

We absolutely Guarantee there is no fee of any kind, until we obtain a reduction in the assessed value of your property.

Only then our service fee would be a reasonable percentage of the total amount of the first year’s tax savings. If this is a triennial year, you can realize as much as three years of tax savings.

We have been providing quality property tax consulting for our clients for over twenty five years!

Commercial Services

We have a 85% success rating with our many pleased clients.

Residential Services

We take pride in returning money that belongs to Homeowners.


Let us help you appeal and reduce your property taxes!
We provide the necessary documents and meetings with the various County agencies…

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