About Us

We Have Been Providing Quality Property Tax Consulting For our Clients For Over 25 Years!

We research and appeal property taxes with an 95% success rate!

The TaxBloom Group consists of Attorneys, Tax Consultants, Appraisers and Realtors that collaborate to bring the best possible tax savings for your property.

Our Services

We provide the necessary documents and meetings with various county agencies. Our expertise, knowledge, and persistence allows us to substantially lower the county’s proposed assessed value on your property, thus keeping your property taxes as low as possible.

Our Goal

Our goal is winning you the largest possible reduction. We will also correct any previous errors the County may have made, which will result in refunds for you.

In addition, we continually observe your property and watch for yearly savings on your property taxes, notifying you if there are any significant savings.

Let our assembled group of professionals provide you with the highest quality of service and representation!

“Working with TaxBloom Group, has been a year after year winning experience, helping me obtain substantial property tax reductions on my strip mall. I would highly recommend this company to any property owner.”

Tom Kakos, (Palos Hills, IL)

“Thank you to John Lambros from TaxBloom for his great work on our Cook County property taxes. His efforts literally eliminated a proposed 100% year- over year increase and returned the assessed value of our home to its previous level, SAVING 30K PER YEAR…”

Christopher F., (Evanston, IL Homeowner)