yelp-logo3Thank you to John Lambros from TaxBloom for his great work on our 2013 Cook County home property taxes. His efforts literally eliminated a proposed 100% year-over-year increase and returned the assessed value of our home to the previous level, SAVING $30k PER YEAR. Wanted to recognize his efforts and professionalism and an outcome which exceeded all expectations. He delivered in a huge way and we could not be more pleased with the process or result. Although skeptical of all the unsolicited service offers received around tax time, I now give John and TaxBloom my highest recommendation based on his straight-forward style, very simple process and huge results. This decision is a no-cost, no-brainer for anyone looking for some property tax relief who has not been able to get it on their own through the standard appeal process. Frankly, I would have been willing to pay much more for the services received as I was pleased to pay what amounts to about 10% of the savings now locked-in for the next three years.
Christopher F, (Evanston homeowner)
yelp-logo3Cha-ching!  I just got my check from Tax Bloom yesterday.  The first time in my life, I’ve made so much money with so little effort on my part.

Here’s what happenned:

A few months ago I got a letter from Tax Bloom saying that it was likely that Cook County owed me money on property taxes (or something like that).  Fact is that I knew that, but my letters to the Cook County treasurer had merely been ignored.  So, when I got this letter, and while I’m not a huge fan of signing anything, I figured, I had nothing to lose.  If this guy could help me get my money, I’d be glad to let him have a third of it.  (Because as I repeatedly explained to my reluctant husband, “A 100% of zero, is still zero…and 66.6666% of something is still something!”)

So I met with John at a local Starbucks.  Turns out this is his specialty.  I signed some papers, he said it would take a few months because Cook County is slow (no surprise there!).  And sure enough, a few months later, I got two checks (one for each year) of overpaid property taxes.  Just in time for Christmas!

Yesterday, John and I met again at the same Starbucks.  I signed my checks and handed them over, he cut me a check for my two-thirds, and off I went, my metaphorical wallet feeling nice and heavy!

THANK YOU JOHN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!­!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Michele B. , (Chicago Homeowner)

Met with John at a Starbucks with needed documentation. You then leave with a couple of forms to fill out and send back to him. Then give him some time. Cook County moves slow as any government agency on the planet possibly can. Especially when it comes to them giving you your money.

Anyway, a few months later the checks started rolling in (individually per tax year). Sent John his cut of the action, and the rest is mine.

Would definitely recommend and will be using him again for tax year 2013.

Amit P., (Schaumburg Homeowner)
yelp-logo3I received the TAXBLOOM letter about our overpayment of our property taxes and my husband suggested it was a scam. On a lark (we needed the money) I called and made an appointment to meet with John to give him documentation of our residing in the place where we pay these taxes. It was a pleasure talking to John, I handed over my documents and several months later I received 4 checks with refunds for each year. I can’t recommend John and Taxbloom highly enough!
Molly M, (Chicago Homeowner)
yelp-logo3I received the letter in the mail and was not sure if the service offer was legitimate.  I am glad I hired Tax Bloom to recover my taxes!   John keeps the paperwork simple and deals with the Cook County himself.  All it takes are two meetings with him at a local coffee shop, and you get cash you would have not otherwise claimed.
Olesya M., (Evanston Homeowner)

I received money that I never expected.  If it was not for John from Taxbloom to tell me about the refund money that was due to me, I would have never known and these monies would have been lost forever. Furthermore, John has also arranged for all future tax bills to be reduced. I am very pleased with John’s services.

P.S. Who would complain for extra cash in your pocket, especially If you don’t expect it.

Demetra Vlahakis, (Chicago homeowner)
I was skeptical at first that I would get back anything at all, but weeks later after my meeting with John, I received the first of 3 checks from the County. Since I didn’t pay any fees, I had nothing to lose and everything to gain.
Lorma Quevedo, (Chicago homeowner)


I have been very pleased with the quality of TaxBloom’s services for a number of years now. He goes the extra mile to make his clients happy. Whether its saving them taxes and or getting them back refunds, his courteous, detailed and professional manner leave you secure in the knowledge that you are in good hands. You’ll be very happy with the services and the results. Thanks again.
Keith Imrisek , (Park Ridge, homeowner/Business owner: Jacob's Auto Repair Inc.)
I was so glad to have met John, he was absolutely knowledgeable about finding my overpayment in taxes and was efficient in the follow through and paper work. I received a nice sum of tax refund that surprised me. It came at a needed time for me. Thank God, for John from Taxbloom.
M.C. Sherman , (Illinois homeowner)
First I want to thank John for providing an exceptional and professional tax return service. It all began with a nothing to lose concept that originated from the TaxBloom letter. The letter contained a very honest and simple offer which read like this ‘We absolutely guarantee there is NO FEE of any kind, until we recover your tax refund check from the Cook County Treasurer.’ It was a very different approach when I compared it with other such offers that required fees upfront and absolutely no guarantee of any kind. To be very honest, I never expected the refund until I saw the checks. There is absolutely nothing to lose, I tried it and got a good check literally by sitting at home, and John did all the paper work. I will definitely refer John’s A+ services to all my friends and family members. Again, thank you John.
Waqas Qureshi, (Chicago homeowner)
I received a letter a few months ago about the TaxBloom service. I was a little hesitant at first but I asked around and saw their better business bureau record and decided to give it a try. Within a few months and with pretty much no hassle I was able to get back property taxes for the past three years. They accomplished something that I would not have been able to do on my own and I walked away with a decent amount of money, enough to help pay for my honeymoon. I would highly recommend the TaxBloom service as a hassle free company that works with your best interests at heart.
Paul Baltrusaitis, (Chicago homeowner)
TaxBloom found me, and I don’t know how they did, with my overpaid property taxes. As soon as I received the TaxBloom letter, I called and asked them how they would recover my refunds. John, a very nice person from TaxBloom, helped me. He spent his time talking with me and gave me advice about other financial problems. He also gave me ideas that would help in my life. John would definitely be one person I would recommend to friends and family members because he’s a very helpful person and I really appreciated what he did for me.
Henry Castrejon, (Chicago homeowner)
At first, TaxBloom sent us a letter about tax refund recovery. It came to my mind, what the heck, I’ll give it a try. They responded at once. Then we did all the paper work. Not even a month later, we received three checks. We were so happy for it. What can I say, they are very dependable and you can trust us on it. So quick and no hassle. Good luck and keep up the good work.
Lalaine and Michael Buen, (Chicago homeowners)
TaxBloom… fast and accurate. Totally satisfied – Recommended!
Dr. Pascua, (Chicago homeowner)
I highly recommend TaxBloom to anyone that does not want to spend their time learning the ins and outs of property tax laws. Three years in a row, I ignored the notifications to claim my property tax exemptions until TaxBloom contacted me. They had an easy form to fill out, were very professional and explained to me the process in simple terms. After one brief meeting, my claim was placed in motion and shortly thereafter I received property tax refunds for the past three years. During the entire period, TaxBloom was available to answer any questions and proved to be very efficient and successful in retrieving money that I may have left on the table without their expertise at my side.
Adeline Sides, (Chicago homeowner)
We did not apply for our property tax overpayment, but John and TaxBloom made it easy. We got checks for three years. We never would have completed the process on our own.
Kimberly Lutz, (Chicago homeowner)
TaxBloom has been so much help for me in retaining overpaid property taxes, they were able to go back 4 years in taxes. I received 3 refund checks, which helped me out so much. John was a great person to have worked with, a very nice guy, and I would like to thank him for all of his help. Thank you.
James T. McCormack, (Chicago homeowner)


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