“The TaxBloom Group was able to save our office complex over $37,754 for the 1st year savings. This being a triennial year resulted in a 3 year property tax savings of 113,284. Beyond my expectations. Well Done.”
James G. Dades & Co. , Certified Public Accountants (Office Complex, Skokie, IL)
“Working with TaxBloom Group, has been a year after year win experience, helping me obtain substantial property tax reductions on my strip mall. I would highly recommend this Company to any property owner.”
Tom Kakos, President (Strip mall, Palos Hills, IL)

My mom mentioned using a service like this to get a tax reduction on her own home, and she is wise with her finances. When I saw the mailer from TaxBloom I was skeptical, but my husband and I discussed and I finally signed up easily online. I was able to get a $1400 reduction in my yearly tax bill. So moral of my story: I spent $467 to get $3500, 3 years of tax bill savings. Glad I went with them. – 4/25/2017

Ruthie A., (Buffalo Grove, IL Homeowner)

A few months ago Tax Bloom sent me a letter stating that Cook County may have over charged me on my property taxes. I was skeptical thought it was a scam, so I ignored the letter. However, a few weeks later I received another letter, so I decided to give them a try. I AM SO GLAD I DID…I was over charged for the past 4 years, therefore I received 4 checks totaling over 5k. Thanks Tax Bloom! – 4/5/2016

Rhonda I., (Riverdale, IL Homeowner)
“Thank you to John Lambros from TaxBloom for his great work on our 2013 Cook County property taxes. His efforts literally eliminated a proposed 100% year- over year increase and returned the assessed value of our home to its previous level, SAVING 30K PER YEAR…”
Christopher F., (Evanston, IL Homeowner)

Tax bloom was wonderful to work with! I had No idea I was able to receive a refund for all the years of property taxes I was over paying. They made this so easy. Communication with them was also fantastic. They kept me updated on everything. – 11/20/2018

Joanna I., (Lincoln Park, IL Homeowner)

I am very happy with the services at Tax Bloom. Throughout the process, they were informative and upfront. Needless to say, initially, I was hesitant and skeptical. In fact, I proceeded to fill the paperwork but didn’t send it in. Tax Bloom called me six months later and pretty much said why aren’t you taking advantage of this. So I swallowed my fears and the rest is history. I’m satisfied with my refund. I’m satisfied with the professional service they provided. More importantly, my future property taxes have been lowered, thus putting more money in my pocket. Try them; you won’t be disappointed. – 3/29/2016

Angela G., (Matteson, IL Homeowner)

I used this service for a tax appeal for my mother’s home. A staff member came to her home, explained the process, and assisted her in filing the necessary papers. They were able to get her certificates of error for the 2014-2017 tax years with resulting refunds. We were happily surprised with the amount of the refunds. We intend to use TaxBloom for future tax appeals. – 11/7/2018

John S. , (San Francisco, CA)